Prepare for Xmas Rally

Discussion in 'Trading' started by GrandSupercycle, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. European action today with US closed due to holiday, reveals the increasing global instability and conflicting market consensus. This is yet another warning that the next crash will be severe and worse than 2008.
  2. tortoise


    lol. so which is it?
  3. I am short the December SPY 117. I sold 40 cars at 3.72 average price.

    Lets see what happens on December 19.
  4. ammo


    there is a chance they hit this line on friday or monday,may bounce or break,but if it stays symmetrical with the left side of the chart it may bounce and go back to upper channel line
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    slow your roll. xmas is in dec & you may just get coal in your stocking this year
  6. Looks like my 40 cars are OTM today.
  7. ammo


    thats the prob with spy opts,they are closed after hours
  8. Prospect of equity xmas rally strengthens.
  9. So if the market goes up or down your prediction is confirmed?
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