Prepare For The New Islamist States In The Middle East

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    Stupid Obama thinks this is going to be a good thing and we can start a new relationship with Islam.

    But, some within the U.S. intelligence community, foreign diplomatic circles and the Republican Party say Obama's readiness to accept Islamist movements, even ones that meet certain conditions, fails to take into consideration the methodical approach many such parties adopt toward gradually transforming secular nations into Islamic states at odds with U.S. policy goals.
  2. Maybe they will give us oil for free.
  3. You better hope since on Friday the Obama Administration appealed a ruling to restore deepwater drilling permits in the Gulf of Mexico.
  4. Were you bad haircuts making the same argument when Bush wanted to "spread freedom and democracy" in the Middle East by invading Iraq? Freedom was good then, but not now? Please tell me how that works.
  5. Well the good news is these displaced despots can find a home in the republican party. The RNC needs people experienced in ruling through fear and intimidation. Funny how the ME is fighting to become more free, while we here at home are suffering the tyranny of government oppression and the loss of our rights to have a seat at the table.
  6. Nothing defines "freedom" like a good stoning. Put your burka back on.
  7. I know you're immune to reality but here's why we really invaded Iraq anyway.

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  8. "The Iraq War or War in Iraq, also referred to as the Second Gulf War or Operation Iraqi Freedom..."
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    Ah, a small lecture on "your freedom" from bugscoe. US loses a little piece more each year, the biggest one in recent memory being the Patriot Act, which has opened a pandora's box for the stripping away of rights Americans once had.
  10. Let me get this straight... those statements by Bill Clinton, Harry Reid, et al. are "blather" and this is somehow supposed to negate/override them?

    No wonder you accused someone of treason without even knowing what it meant.
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