Prepare for some "fireworks" in BIDU

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  1. Direction is down. Target price is 230 or 220. One is a conservative estimate the other is more adventurous. Timeframe (within 2 weeks).

    Don't ask me why.
  2. kowboy


    Ok I'll take the bait. Why?
  3. Because of the way I practice technical analysis. I am a pure technical trader only on the short side.
  4. IBM boasted a 10% raise of its dividend and increased share buybacks. Guy Adami thinks IBM is a $120 stock and is bullish. Pete Najarian predicts IBM will make an acquisition soon, given its strong cash flow. He added Baidu is a good trade on the internet and is down on fears of competition from Google.
  5. So anyone followed my advice? It certainly moved into "proper" direction.
  6. *crickets*
  7. you were bang on the money on this one.

    do u make more predications occasionally. ?

    do you have a twitter which I can follow

  8. Being on the internet for half my life I am always on the look out for sarcasm. If that was your intent it did not unnerve me in the least.

    No I don't twitter. I don't even trade stocks now, I am in forex, but sometimes an opportunity comes that is so blatantly obvious I decide to share it with the forum. But generally people don't give a shit.
  9. ok .thanks.. thats fine. I just check your future posts on elitetrader if u post such glaring opportunities..

    i was already short 8 naked calls BIDU. which made me nervous.. they were in the 270 and 280 range...

    when it went up, if I was given such a tip, probably I would have sold 1 -2 more..( this would be against my principle of doubling down ) free money as we say it... .comes with a hefty price if you are wrong.. ha ha.

    you have a nice day.....
  10. You must not either.....

    It sounds like you didn't even trade it yourself. blatant? should have put all your money on it then.
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