Prepare for price increases

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Banjo, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. Banjo


    This is going to give the old SBC way too much clout. SBC in Ca. was busted padding bills, charging for services people never ordered, sales calls at all hours, They are a very aggressive money hungry co. They want to charge ISP's more and threaten to limit bandwidth to consumers. This also gives them control of cingular. Way too much power to a co. that is continually fined by the Ca PUC for illegal sales and billing practices.
  2. empee


    and who's going to stop them? The Repubs who appoint the FCC head? They're already bought and paid for.
  3. ....The people, by raising hell with the congresspersons etc. Why do you feel so powerless?

    If the consumers were not such wimps a lot of corporate greed could be reversed, starting with the pay of the corp CEO, CFO etc.

    People are afraid to speak up............WHY?
  4. because the voice of the people is useless in these times.... this aint 1776 unfortunately...
  5. Yeah, this is gonna suck.
  6. For now, my protest is done in the form of Skype.
  7. We tear down the monopoly to build it back up?
  8. Babak


    Gizmo is better.
  9. When's the last time rates for anything related to bandwidth went up? Cable and Sat companies provide more than enough competition in the area for that merger to go through, as to cingular same thing, VZ, Sprint, etc all doing fine.