Prepare for Jeckle and Hide!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dinoman, Jan 25, 2007.

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    If you are a day-trader be prepared to have a Jeckle and Hide mind!

    This market is only going to get worse in the near future.

    Pick what is strong or weak on a Intra-day basis and look no further. Get those gains and lock them in. Volatility is going to get nasty and your trading will be put to the test .

    I know you super seasoned guys will be able handle it and have seen this coming.

    For all others beware!

    Neither the bears or bulls are right in the short -term.

    Find it , grab it, and seal it!

    Both sides have a good arguments on which way we should go, but in the meantime neither shall win in the short -term.

    Can we say Whiplash city?

    Prepare to be on your toes!

    If you are a day-trader your about to be tested to the hilt!
  2. Do you mean Jekyll and Hyde? I don't know who are the other two characters in your post are, but I am sure they are distinguished market analysts.
  3. I was trying to figure out if "Jeckle" was another word for "appear" and then the Jeckle and Hide was more like a manuever of showing oneself and then disappearing.
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    laugh out loud
  5. heckle and Jeckle?? :confused:

    There friends of mine!! :D
  6. This site is getting stranger by the day. Seriously....
  7. <i>"Volatility is going to get nasty"</i>

    Godspeed... bring it on!!!
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    I like Volatility
  9. give me the 200 to 300 point dow whipsaws any day of any week of any year.........compared to this slow melt up garbage we`ve been seeing since july.

    vol = profits.......& more importantly an abundance of opportunity.

    bring it....
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