Prepare for $5.50 Gasoline / $.35 KWH Electricity

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  1. According to one of the early morning commentators on CNBC Tuesday Morning, May 2, 2006,

    We as consumers should prepare for $5.50 gasoline and $.35 kwh electricity, just like the manufacturing sector has endured for the last few years.

    On the local news, in one county, their police force is already $1,000,000 over their gasoline budget and committed their force to foot patrol instead of driving. This was commented on the regular news services.

    Can you begin to see the collapse, and the resultant increases in dispropotionate wealth shifting?

    No need to see it, its been here for the last five plus years....
  2. (yawn)
  3. About time that the prices in the US get on par with Europe where petrol is in the order of 2 + Euro / liter. No more subsidizing of the US by the rest of the world! Way to go!

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    Europe has been sitting on their ass picking their nose and paying these high prices. It would have been nice in all these years if Europe would have come out with some alternative technology to get rid of oil that the rest of the world can use. Looks like we have to do everything around here or nothing gets done.
  5. Solar electric is about 38 cents per KW. If panel manufacturing follows other high tech goods, more demand for panels will bring the cost down and voila ! the high cost of fuel has done its job...created the demand for its own replacement. Dont worry, the high cost of oil is a good thing. Some people see problems and others see opportunities.

  6. How do they compare in thier tax rates? Has the govt there been using gas as a revenue generator?
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    I agree it has to get alot worse for it to start getting applies to pretty much anything in life...
  8. At least they do not drive around unrestricted in big gas guzzlers (and the government is not subsidizing an industry that promotes those) The bigger the weight / engine, the higher the tax. You ever wondered why the French cars are so lightly built? Km / ltr!

    Wonder why a lot of people there think that a 1600 cc engine is larger than they need?

    (P.S. And what about these mansions that many in the US seem to require? 3000 sq ft for two people? And how about heating that?)

    vital analitics
  9. Excellent points commrade. Cinder block barricks ala East Germany should certainly be sufficient quarters for any decent collective member. 1600 cc ? HA TOO BIG

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    I agree with you there, we have a lot of conspicuous consumption. Hopefully we can get out of this mess with new technology.
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