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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by AAAintheBeltway, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. I tried to sell a Nasdaq stock premarket on IB and the order appeared to go live but never filled, I cancelled it and reposted using ISLD and noticed it never appeared on Lev II.

    Is there something I am missing? I usually use another platform for premarket and never have any trouble, so is there something additional I have to do with IB?
  2. nitro


    You have to be careful. Do this:

    Instead of putting up a SMART ROUTE on a line, break up SMART by having multiple lines for the stock to each possible route. Then experiment sending orders to each exchange pre/post market. You will learn alot.

    Basically, you want a seperate ARCA route up at all times.

  3. So you're saying SMART doesn't work premarket? Why wouldn't ISLD work?
  4. For whatever reason ib has set up a convulted protocol in getting orders to go live after regular hours.

    You have to modify order, click gtc and then unclick the rth box.


  5. If have to do it at once, if you try it in two steps you get a "modify field" or something error.

    I guess no one at ib knows how to program or anything about trading or both.

    Guess they don't know that people trade outside reg hours. Maybe that is why they want to buy refco so they can learn??

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    By default the orders are configured for regular Trading Hrs only,
    Check your TWS under COnfigure / Order defaults and make sure the check box" Regular Tradings Hrs Only" is unchecked
  7. That doesn't work, u can change default and uncheck rth but it will not insert that option in new orders for that issue if you have a history of that stock where the defualt was not set to rth, you have to delete that stock out of the record because it looks first to prior history to see defualt settings.

  8. Thanks guys. Pretty damn stupid if you ask me.