Prem, Tick, Trin, Vix, Etc.

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    "1. they are both non-range bounded MOMENTUM indicators"

    Would the Tick not be range bound? Being as it is the difference between ADV and DEC issues on the NYSE it must be range bound to the # of stocks on the NYSE. If there are 2200 stocks on the NYSE, TICK must be range bound +2200 to -2200.
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    Great post Nitro. You summed up in a few short paragraphs what many authors take a complete book to say.
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  3. Normally, Tick only goes +/- 400, due to the nature that it is the net cumulation of the up/dn ticks.

    Then on wide range days, you cn usually expect it to go between +/- 800.

    Now, for extreme days, like melt down/up :eek: you will get +/- 1200.

    So if you treat it as range bounded, then the issue of where are the boundaries becomes the question. If you use +/- 400, you will get kill when it hit +/- 800. If using +/- 1200, you do not get signals oftern enough for day trade ...

    Thus relative referencing to the last swing within the day becomes very important. i.e. some sort of divergence, double bottom, double top, whatever you like to call it :cool:
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