Preemptive Nationalization To Save US - The Shortie Solution

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Nationalize US or Not?

  1. Nationalize Now

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  2. Leave Everything The Way It is

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  3. I prefer not to state my opionion due to fear of political prosecution

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  1. I believe US and the world are in grave danger. The global economy is about to collapse. This will bring in internal riots and major wars.

    The current political/economic system has outlived itself. For decades the rich were getting richer while the poor were getting poorer. There is not much incentive for the guy at the bottom to work hard, be creative, etc. because it won't get him anywhere. At the same time there is no incentive for the rich dude to do anything productive for thee society because the money is flowing his way pretty much regardless of what he does.

    The Shortie solution is to RESET NOW by nationalizing everything, dividing the wealth equally and creating new laws. US could lead the way.

    The plan may sound a bit drastic, but it is better to nationalize now from the top while there is still order in the country. The alternative is to wait 10-20 years, go through riots and revolutions just to end up nationalizing 1/10 of the current wealth (with 9/10 destructed due to violence).


    Shortie "Marx" Kissinger Out :cool:
  2. Carl Marx thought it was a good idea.:)
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  4. Total wealth in the US is about 54 trillion dollars. Total public and private debt owed by American households, businesses, and government totaled $52 trillion in 4Q 2009 per federal reserve. This gives every citizen a net worth of about $6,450 if we split it all up and paid all our debts. Keep in mind this means you have NOTHING but $6,450 in your pocket. You have no house, no car, no computer, no trading account, no cell phone, no flatscreen TV and no food in the fridge. You are completely debt free, but you own nothing except what $6450 can buy you.

    Now how does that sound like it would save us? Sounds to me more like it would destroy us. Of course if you a homeless bum, then its like $6k in your pocket for free.
  5. this simply can't be right. are you saying other countries are in a better shape wealth/debt wise?
  6. No offense, but using that logic is just asinine. Using your logic would cause the cost of goods to implode: 6450 USD wouldn't be bad if a house costs 2500 USD and a flat-screen tv costs 10 USD. You cannot change elements of an economy and disregard the net-affect of those changes: it's a logical fallacy.
  7. What a terrible idea. You think we should nationalize now before the economy collapses and there are riots, etc? This would CAUSE the riots and the collapse of the economy. Yikes.
  8. in your scenario the wealthy will start the riots. i assume they won't because they will be outnumbered. naturally, the poorer folks won't riot because they will get free $$ out the nationalization.
  9. Either this was a troll job or you're an idiot who buys into terrible ideas during every "crisis."

    If it came down to it, I'd rather have the freedom and chance to succeed for future generations and suffer consequences now...even if it means riots, looters and shoot-the-looters.
  10. Bob111


    wtf was that? :confused:

    re read GOOG Brin's story...just an example..or Gates..Bill Gates
    for rich guy money are flowing pretty much regardless of what he does? really???
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