Predicts annual world output will rise to $308 trillion by 2030 from $62 trillion...

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  1. January 15, 2011

    SouthAmerica: That's no big deal when you consider that a $ 7.00 hamburger of today, it will cost $ 50.00 or more in 2030.


    Americans Figuring Out Who Is World's No. 1:
    By William Pesek
    Bloomberg News - Jan 13, 2011

    ...When John Calverley, global head of macroeconomic research at Standard Chartered Bank in New York, predicts annual world output will rise to $308 trillion by 2030 from $62 trillion today, Asia is a major reason why. Calverley expects China and India alone to account for 33 percent of gross domestic product, compared with 12 percent by the U.S. and 3 percent by Japan.

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    china gdp is still relatively small.
    the article says china is the U.S.'s banker.
    Which is a joke. When you owe your bank 1,000,000 dollars he owns you. When you owe him a few trillion you own him.

    Just ask the FED.
  3. 20 years ago the world GDP was 20 trillion and its 3 times higher now. So it goes without saying that at the world GDP will be at least 180 trillion no matter what in 2030. Best case scenario for the future...a big mac value meal only costs $20.
  4. There won't be a "three times" price increase. There will be three times as many people eating a Big Mac value meal. Is that really a "good" thing? :confused: :eek: :(
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    January 17, 2011

    SouthAmerica: Reply to peilthetraveler

    This is what I had in mind when I started this thread. But there is the possibility of history repeating itself in the United States just like Germany in 1923.


    The New United States Currency - The New US Dollar

    ...Today there are so many US dollars flying around the world that might be a good idea for the United States government to replace its current US dollar with the “New US Dollar”, and the new exchange rate would be: each current $ 100 US dollar would be exchanged to $ 1 New US dollar. Just like they usually do in 3rd world countries when their currency starts becoming worthless.

    A house that was bought in our area in Northern New Jersey in the early 1950's for US$ 4,000 dollars today the same house is worth in the range of US$ 400,000 to US$ 500,000.

    The exchange rate of $100 “Old dollars” to $1 “New Dollar” would be just about right.