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    I used to use RTSP software to predict price movement in the S&P 100 OEX. Then I would buy the calls or puts. It sampled market prices and volume every half hour and then kicked out a recommendation. It was a trend following package that worked very well for larger momentum moves.
    That was long ago and I'm sure current predictive software is light years more advanced.
    Can anyone recommend this type of software for stock/indexes/mini S&P? Thanks.
  2. You can program your system in any of the platforms that are available for this purpose. NinjaTrader, Tradestation, Metatrader, etc. I doubt it that any system can provide accurate intraday signals because of the noise.
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    Thanks for the names! Noise. You mean the inconclusive price movement in a market with no momentum? And is there a specific module within these programs that you can program in you variables to make it screen the way you want? These programs are the way to go verses a free standing prediction program?
  4. There are many more. See the reviews on the home page:

    There is MultiCharts (I like that one), Metastock, Amibroker and may more. You can program virtually any system you can think of within standard limitations of course.

    There are also some programs that generate trading system ideas and code you can use with some of the platforms. This is one level up. One is Price Action Lab. You can develop systems with this one from price patterns but also scan data for signals based on your criteria. Cool stuff.
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    Thanks! I see that Schwab includes a screening module called Recognia with its StreetSmartedge platform.

    Does anyone have experience with Recognia vs. an Interactive Broker/Amibroker combo? It looks like this will give me the order entry platform plus predictive module I want to program. And it says it does auto trading, too.