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  1. What are you expecting from the markets today? A bearish repeat or a bullish stampede?

    My thoughts haven't changed since yesterday's close:

  2. bluud


    If you are going to listen to me, bearish, so I can make some profit
  3. Here comes the panic...
  4. Well, I listened to you... What was your point?
  5. pamjoey


    up early, down for the day
  6. Gonna be a bumpy ride today!
  7. Now that's an understatement!
  8. bluud


    nothing ... just trying to get more people to believe it's bearish ... :mad:
  9. ess1096


    Suckers rally early on with a selloff by the end of the day.
    I think the DOW will correct to the 11,600 to 11,700 area.
    It will take out 11,700 but stop falling before 11,600. Not today of course, but within this correction.
    IMHO :)
  10. We'll see a 10% correction. Easily. Maybe more.

    Look at new home sales, PMI, and revised GDP - all terrible.
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