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    I'm a researcher in applied math. I have worked four years in a mathematical
    model that predicts the occurrence of maximum and minimum of stock prices in
    a period of 5 or 6 market sessions.
    The probability of goal is near to 80%. This probability can be deteriorated
    only if the market enter in a bullish or bearish rush or if it appears bad
    or good news over the stock.
    In these situations, investors act with an amount of irrational behavior and
    the overshoot cannot be predicted with an statistic model.
    My model is in Internet in and the site is free.
    I think this is a very useful tool for traders and I need feedback of
    experienced traders.
    Please take a look to the site, try it, and write me about the results to or to
    Thank you.
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    I can fake personal data to log in but why bother!
  3. hannibal,

    Interesting reading. The predictions page is quite clear. I will print it out at my office tomorrow and have a look. I have seen something similar to your model before but I cannot remember where. But that doesn't matter.

    Thanks for the link and the post.

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    Because there may be one tiny little fact in there that maybe connects with some loose threads floating around in your head that all comes together and ultimately helps you with your trading.

    Some of my best ideas have come from some of the most unlikely places.

    Always looking to learn.......