Predictions: Take your positions

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    1. The Dow will go below 10,500 led by a collapse in consumer discretionary stocks.

    2. The 10-year note yields below 3%.

    3. The problems in the U.S. banking sector won’t be solved by a government-sponsored program. It will only shine more light on the problems.

    4. The Fed’s continued panic-easing will only exacerbate our problems, as Bernanke’s creation of real negative interest rates takes hold, laying the groundwork for more problems.

    5. Inflation will rear its ugly head, making the term “stagflation” in vogue again.

    6. Most economists will capitulate and admit we are in a recession by March.

    7. Obama-Clinton ticket for Dems.

    8. McCain-Huckabee for Republicans.

    9. The Dems will win a landslide receiving a popular vote not seen since Johnson’s victory against Goldwater.

    10. EMs will recover violently by mid year after investors temporarily abandon the sector due to inflation fears.

    11. Energy stocks will be flat for most of the year as investors debate the stagflation conundrum.

    12. Giuliani will move into oblivion after he files for divorce once more.

    13. Edwards is in Obama’s cabinet.

    14. Housing in NYC will move down 20% as Wall Street bonuses collapse.

    15. Hedge funds' assets will move up to $3 trillion by the end of the third quarter.

    16. ABL funds, alternative energy funds along with distressed credit will lead the charge in returns to investors, followed closely by emerging markets.

    17. Oil prices will prove less volatile than 2007.

    18. “There Will be Blood” and "No Country for Old Men" will sweep the Oscars.

    19. Unemployment will hit 6% by the November election.

    20. Morgan Stanley will be acquired by JP Morgan.

    21. Bear Stearns will be acquired by Bank of America.

    22. The Cleveland Indians will win the World Series beating the Los Angeles Dodgers in five games.

    23. Roger Federer will win the Grand Slam.

    24. Risk management will be the rallying cry for both hedge funds and investors.

    25. Consolidation in the funds of funds world will be a focal point for investment bankers.

    26. Duke, Memphis, UCLA and UNC will be in the Final Four.

    27. George Bush will become an environmentalist.

    28. Al Gore will star in another movie.

    29. There will be a forced merger between AMBAC and MBIA

    30. Long/Short equity will be the worst performer in the hedge fund space
  2. Bravo! A good read. your link doesn't work, however. Though I think GW becoming an environmentalist is a real stretch...
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    Found about the link after pasted on ET. Got it from originally.

    Nothing made up from own though :D
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    Roger Federer already blew the grand slam! Got beat in straight sets at the aussie open. Do you want to change that to Tiger?