Predictions keep going higher and higher!!!!!!!!!

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    More funny predictions from these Strategists.....

    Feels like 2007 all over again when one after another said the markets were going higher, higher, higher and even higher.

    S&P Will Reach 1,300 Next Year: Strategist
    Published: Wednesday, 18 Nov 2009 | 11:15 AM ET Text Size By: JeeYeon Park
    CNBC News Associate

    Markets opened lower on Wednesday after a report showed that housing starts fell sharply in October. Where do stocks go from here? Chris Hyzy, investment strategist at U.S. Trust, and Maury Fertig, chief investment officer of Relative Value Partners, shared their outlooks.

    “This market is headed higher,” Fertig told CNBC. “We’ll hit 1,200 on the S&P sometime in the first quarter of 2010.”

    Fertig said he expects earnings news to be positive throughout the first quarter of 2010 and more merger-and-acquisition activities to take place.

    “And the flow of funds,” he added. “The first of the nine months of this year, $267 billion has flowed into bond mutual funds and only $4 billion into equity funds—so the retail investor is eventually going to come back into the market.”

    In the meantime, Hyzy said he is neither a bull nor a bear—but a "moose" instead.

    Markets are "going higher—we have one more push before the year end,” said Hyzy.

    “But the key is…we believe job growth will come in at the early part of the first quarter, then you'll have a constructive marketplace. That's why we expect 1,300 on the S&P by the end of next year.”
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    Heres another

    Seems everyone either "loves" tech or commodities, these trades are getting very overcrowded. No one even suggests take a small profit. Funny.

    :p :p :p :p :p

    Expect Stocks to Rise 15-20% by Mid-2010: Chief Investor
    Published: Tuesday, 17 Nov 2009 | 2:54 PM ET Text Size By: JeeYeon Park
    CNBC News Associate

    Markets declined on Tuesday, led by retailers. Where should investors be putting their money? Robert Carey, CIO of First Trust Advisors, shared his market insight and favorite sector plays.

    “Stocks are not overvalued,” Carey told CNBC.

    “When you take into consideration where earnings estimates are today versus where they were a month ago, two months ago, even six months ago, this market advanced and has been driven by an increase in earnings expectations.”

    Carey said stocks have another 15 to 20 percent rise by the middle of 2010.

    “We love the tech sector…the guidance coming out of earnings reporting season was the best in technology across the board, and that sector will continue to outperform,” he said.

    “If investors have a contrarian streak to them, then health care stocks offer the best valuations in this market right now.”
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    Dead wrong, we're gonna hit 1200 by the end of the year :mad:
  4. You and BLSH have been posting negative articles for the last 400+ S&P points.

    Who looks funny, you or those strategists?
  5. You're the funniest guy in the room, chief.

    You're the only person who doesn't know of anyone who lost a job or whose business hasn't had a coronary, and you think it's circa 2006 in New York and Manhattan.

    Either you're a tool or you're a boy in a bubble.
  6. Why does any of that matter in the context of trading? All you say is how bad things are yet the market continues to move against you. Who cares if it's rigged? Our jobs to pick the right direction and trade it!
  7. You've been dead wrong and missed a massive 60% move in 8 months, all while posting thousands of cut and paste articles that the world is ending, but I'm "the funniest guy in the room" because I don't know anyone who's unemployed.?

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    Thats very true. But the problem is very few day traders have done well the past 6 months.Buy and holders have done well but back and forth all day has been tough as vol is low and moves have been very jerky.Today is a total shit fest. my vol is down 80% the last 2 weeks
  9. Clubba Wang always buys at absolute market bottoms and sells at absolute market tops, resulting in performance that would make Jesse Livermore blush with envy.

    'Cuz that's how he rolls.


    Oh, and Clubber is paying $130 a square foot for his office space and $3,000,000 for his condo in Manhattan, even though current market prices are $35/sq ft and $750,000 (and headed lower), because he believes in green shoots.
  10. How do you know BLSH didnt buy silver at the same time you are buying stocks and enjoy a 100% move up against your 60%?

    If you priced the dow in silver, then it would be the equivilent of the dow being at about 5,000 now. I dont know...maybe in a year or so when silver is at $50 per oz and the dow is at 20,000, you will laugh some more that the doom & gloomers missed that 100% ride up since your last post. <shrug>
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