Predictions for 1st day of Quarter ?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by lindq, Jun 30, 2008.

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    Interesting day tomorrow.

    On one hand we have continued weakness in the indexes which would play to shorts. Which is where I've been hanging out.

    On the other hand, with such recent weakness in many stocks, institutions may decide to go long at the start of the quarter with the hope that they can get some positive return over the next 90 days.

    Comments from index traders?
  2. Window dressing and pre-fourth of July rally. Take atleast a 4-day weekend off. :cool:
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    Yep, that's what I'm thinking too, as I trade mostly the short side.

    Tomorrow is likely to be an aberration.
  4. I got very long on friday, I have my stops in, and Iam very worried about the market crashing tues or wed

    I really thought we would bounce today and that last week it was oversold. I cant bring myself to reverse and get short, but Iam pretty sure its going down
  5. I think you are safe as I am way short. Should be a massive "up" day tomorrow, LOL.
  6. With what fund inflows? :eek:


    There is still GREAT probability for market fireworks this keep an eye on the fuse.
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    AMT, how have you been? Still averaging down like crazy?

    Just to keep this thread in a betting mode, I went long the ER2 at the close today. I'm looking for just a few points overnight, and hoping that nobody shoots at the Iranians before noon tomorrow. :eek:

    Anything can happen and always does, but I'd be surprised to see a lot of selling tomorrow on the 1st day of the quarter/half.
  8. crude has an outside day down
  9. Check out this bias for the first of each month the last 6 years. Not a bad monthly trade at all. I bought the futures after after the closing waterfall and have bought puts on ES for protection below. Lets see how it works out tomorrow and will hold a portion if if we rally into the holiday after this good move down.
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    Excellent and interesting chart. Thanks for posting.
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