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  1. Write this down. The next candidate for POTUS from the republican party will be Bloomberg. Not an endorsement just an observation.
  2. ZERO chance. If you watch this messageboard carefully, antisemitism, both latent and explicit is still a problem in this country. Second he won't run against obama. Third, since he switched party allegiances whenever it suited it him, it won't be looked upon nicely in the republican primaries.

    Just imagine Bloomberg in the South Carolina primary... Won't be a pretty sight. Republican primaries have large portions of rednecks participating and they won't look favorably to a new york jewish man of liberal social policies.
  3. This message board isn't a cross section of voters. And if republicans stand any chance at all the extremist elements in their ideology will have to be hybridized given the awakened minority influence on elections from here on out, which would play in his favor. I don't think the jewish racism is as prevalent as racism towards blacks and Bloomberg surely isn't a Likud extremist type jew. The right will love it when he proposes to give illegal aliens one way tickets to Haiti.
  4. Imo. I think not a chance.

    I get the impression that he finds Washington politics exasperating.
  5. Look at the rest of the field. The either won't compromise or are just jokes. I agree he'd be smart to leave it alone being a billionaire,how do you not find something else to do?
  6. You people really need to get out of NYC more.

    Bloomberg is on the wrong side of every major issue. He's basically a smart, experienced, talented version of Obama. Hillary Clinton would do better in republican primaries.
  7. The essence of the South is well portrayed in "my cousin vinny" where one of the guys says "they are clansmen, they sleep with their sisters..." The film takes place in Alabama btw.