Prediction II, Fiscal Cliff will happen. Economy to go down like lead weights.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by noob_trad3r, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Republicans are PISSED! I predict they will insure the Fiscal cliff will occur by preventing any action to pass congress and gridlock everything. They are now taking this personally and will insure America goes under to prove a point.

    I expect SPY back to 120s and below . Unemployment to go back up quick. Massive gridlock to come, worse than before.
  2. how mature of the republicans. they are pissed so they plan to injure their own country.
    is that anything like beating your wife for her own good?
  3. TGregg


    My call is fiscal cliff is kicked down the road to spring or summer or maybe Dec 31 2013. If The One can push it that far, then the republicans won't *dare* to do anything but beg for a few crumbs in the compromise, because the press will absolutely slaughter them in the midterms if we go over the cliff.

    Better get used to having your hand out for freebies and telling everyone how poor you are and how much you need government aid. It's the brave new world. :p
  4. They wont do that. Right now a scorched earth approach is one they will take.
  5. i think sane republicans will look at what happened last night and a compromise will be worked out.
  6. I think they will try for some sort of six month or so deferral but Obama, as is his want, will try to rub their noses in his win and demand a big tax increase.

    If it comes to that, the party establishment will be desperate to give in and the Tea Party crowd will be adamant to hold out. Anything could happen, including a long overdue splintering of the party.
  7. Ricter


    Fiscal cliff, aka austerity, aka anti-Keynesianism. How come everyone fears it?

  8. Obama set this up....

    This is what he wants
  9. Ricter


    Not so optimistic myself. We're still roughly 50/50 divided on worldview.

    Edit: no, not worldview, "US-view". On foreign policy both parties pretty much agree, American empire will continue.