Prediction/forecast: will DOW go DOWn this week? 2011.03.14-18

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  1. krystofo


    Hello! I am a new member here. Please make your best guess!
    This poll will end at about 7 PM MONDAY, NY time.

    I was all ready to buy some stocks last Friday.
    Then someone said a tsunami hit Japan and was headed for California.
    Hmmm... I decided to wait until Monday...
    Then on Sunday, I decided I would like to know what others think.
    I do not believe in "market timing." But no harm waiting a week.
    Googling for results on this question was frustrating. (See below.)
    Finally, I decided to join the largest investment forums
    and ask the question myself!
    Please do not consider these poll results to be "advice."
    This does not affect my basic strategy and I hope not yours.

    Total of similar results found on all websites:, don't yet understand. Monday up 73%, week up 60%, only 71 votes.
    Prediction bullish for Monday, bearish for the week.
    ""We might see some aftershock waves on the market
    from the earthquake in Japan, depending on damage estimates.
    Probable the local minimum is still not in.
    Most probable is a weak open and Bullish continuation."" week up 22%, down 28%
    (Voting period 03/11/2011 - 03/13/2011. Number of votes unknown.)

    --> Please do "reply" also to discuss current results!
    --> For now, I decided to continue voting through Monday.
    (So vote on Monday if you think Monday predicts the week.)