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  1. Jack is always talking about "tomorrow's newspaper today." Here is a little bit of tomdrollery. I boldly predict that today's NQ close will be 2772.75. If that number evolves dramatically as the day progresses I will update you. Times in the attached predictive chart are Pacific. Subtract 21 hours and add 24 hours to get times Eastern.

    For those of you who grasp the subtleties of index trading, and that does not include Jack, my analysis is kind of a digression to the mean based upon outraday unhighs and unlows.
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    Ah ... predicting the future, I like it. Wasn't their a "get High" thread around here Oh yes, the chart. My crystal ball say's I like it, we live for the chop, exhaustion and indecisive area. There are profits to be made in chaos. That's right there are times to just pick a direction and start doubling down. C'mon Duref, puff, puff,pass.
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    I do not see any difference between you and Jack. Trust me if I say both of you are bullshitters.
  4. NQ didn't close where it should have. Rank manipulation!
  5. Here is a screen shot taken at 10:01 PT showing how badly overbought NQ is, and predicting a close in the neighborhood of 2769.
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    Not sure predicting the reversal is a good thing;
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  7. Ichimoku?

    I'll update the prediction at 12 PT. There are currently some S/R near the earlier prediction.
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    Wilders 13-13. Ichimoku = too many headfakes. Good luck.
  9. Thanks. New to me. No luck needed. No bets on it. When it works it's fabulous. Otherwise it stinks.

    Looked it up, thanks, ADX. Burnt that book some years ago. Celebrated by registering here as Wiles Welder.
  10. At 12:08 PT the code predicts a close around 2762.
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