Predict the next fed rate cut

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What the hell will fed do on March 18?

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  1. Raise rates .25 to 3.25% to fight inflation

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  2. Keep rates unchanged due to fear of inflation

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  3. Cut rates .25% to 2.75% to stimulate the economy

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  4. Cut rates .50% to 2.50% to fight the credit crunch

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  5. Cut rates .75% to 2.25% in an attempt to stymies bank failures

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  6. Cut rates 1.00% to 2.00% to signal imminet economic collapse

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  1. This is the best yet! Oh the possibilities.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Some other options

    -Call an Emergency Meeting to cut rates to show the financial community that Goldman knows the Fed better than Fed Fisher. "Don't F%$# with GS." - Mr. Paulson, PPT

    -Cut 1.25% to 2.75% to justify the existence of the idiots betting on 1.25% cut, who have now pumped it up to a 16% probability as of late Friday. (Then again, the last meeting essentally was a 1.25% cut, so it's very probable. The so called idiots in January laughed all the way to the bank.)

    -Fed official resigns in protest in a show of defiance of other fed members. "Buh bye Bill Poole." - Jimmy Cramer

    -Cut the discount window .25% more then the fed fund rates at the next meeting.
  4. To the ETer who voted for no rate cut. You do realize that the market is pricing in a greater chance of a rate HIKE than for rates to stay the same. When you combine them together, you probably get close to 1% probability. Remembr, this thread is to predict what the fed will do on March 18. Not what you think the fed SHOULD do. In my own personal opinion, recession is unavoidable and rates have gotta rise. But I voted for 75% cut. An emergency meeting or 1% cut would also not suprise me.