Predict the future

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Max Profit, Nov 6, 2002.

  1. That's what you get for having expectations.

    Magic 8-Ball, should nitro be upset if this thread wasn't what he thought it would be?

    "Outlook not so good" :cool:
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  2. nkhoi

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    my trading state of mind, I bet GG draw the same card.
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  3. Five of swords. Oooh thats a bad one. Fear of defeat, fear of losing control in matters of great importace. If this energy is the dominating influence you have a challenge on your hands.
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  4. tampa



    In a stunning turn of events, it was announced that Baron, founder of The Elite Traders Forum, has sold the respected gathering place for market mavens to Miss Cleo. Contacted at her Miami, Florida home, the new owner said that the only change would be that starting Monday members would access ET via a 1-900 number rather than the internet.

    Shocked members reacted with disbelief as the news spread throughout the trading community. In a related story, the lovable aphexcoil announced plans to test a new system based on the ancient art of Voodoo, and was reported to be attempting to rent a Witch Doctor.
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    finally, make the back page in 'The Daily Skirt'. This thread has arrived.
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  6. I got some tarot cards just for the heck of it and it is a good thing to do if you like introspection or just entertainment. As far as gambling or the stock market, I don't know how you would use them for that purpose. Maybe i'm just not asking the right questions :)
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