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  1. This is a tarotreading I did in springtime 2000. It concerns the future of the market.

    Eight of cups- Indolence

    After debauchery follows indolence. The energy has fizzled out, the handles of the copper cups are broken. Too much pleasure and excessive indulgence.
    The water of the emotions stands, not renewed by any spring. It begins to stagnate and the mists of foulness rises to the skies and cloud the light of clarity. The two remaining lotus flowers continue to spill out their energies. But in this situation it is wasted effort. The foul, stagnant water swallows up their small bit of freshness and vitality immediately. It sinks into the sluggish, viscous march.

    It did happen didn't it.

    Here is a new reading I just did. It concerns the coming two years in the market.

    Seven of swords-Futility

    The large sword of clarity is attacked and injured by six smaller swords and loses energy and endurance. The smaller swords, each of which bears a planetary symbol on it's hilt, represent the pessimistic toughts which prevent clear success. Consious and unconsious (Sun and Moon at either end of the central sword) have traded positions. Gloomy subconsious expectations muddy insight. A heavy anxiety prevails although in reality all is going perfectly well.

    Perhaps when I trade myself filthy rich with conventional trading I will devise a system of trading based on tarot readings.

    By the way cups stand for emotions(water) and swords for the intellect(air).
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  5. Here is plumlazys reading.

    Knight of swords

    The knight of swords goes hunting, riding at full gallop, the embodiment of his goaloriented mental activity. He knows where he is bound, and will not rest until he arrives at his destination. He has remarkable powers of concentration. Toughts and ideas come to him with lightning speed; he is a master of imaginative and flexible thinking, which he uses to achieve his goals.
    Both swords, the long one in his right hand, and the short one in his left, will be employed equally. They represent two potential energies, yang(male, analytical) and yin(feminine, intuitive) which will be needed in the proper balance for him to advance.
  6. Cool, thanks for the uplifting post Mr tarot mon. Might have to print dat and put it in a frame beside "Joeboo" :D
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    Magic 8-ball what will the market do today?


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  8. Uhm, actually I phrased the question :What influence will dominate the market today?

    The ace of cups is the open heart, the clear heart, the trusting heart. This is the holy grail sitting within the emotional nature, which is represented by the blue cup. The ace of cups symbolizes emotional balance required to nurture, comfort, support and heal oneself.
    It's the trusting heart represented by the lotusblossom, trusting the natural, organic unfoldment of it's own development. Love with wisdom is the capacity to trust without over-extending oneself emotionally or overprotecting oneself emotionally which is represented by the organic unfoldment of the lotusblossom.
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