Predict People to Predict Markets

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  2. 1) ?....Liar's Poker? Long live the 1980's and 1990's! :D
    2) Salomon Brothers bond traders were operating in a completely different world compared to nearly everyone else in the market. :( :mad:
    3) They didn't have to be concerned with trend lines, stochastics and market sentiment. They literally "created" the trend lines, stochastics and market sentiment with their trading activity. :eek: :p :cool:
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  4. Well gee whiz, I thought they invented the bond market, so I would suppose they were in a different world. It was probably pretty easy for them to predict markets when they were the market and people were jumping around like a bunch of hungry dogs at their feet waiting for a bone.. Just sayin.

    I wonder if GS oil traders can predict people and then whoa! predict the market..
  5. Machine readable news from Thompson Reuters does a pretty good job of that predicting that is.
  6. and part of that judgment is an understanding of what other market participants are thinking and feeling and what they may be anticipating.

    C'mon guys, what are we anticipating - the election. What are we thinking and feeling about the market and oh never da moon.

    It was a dark and stormy night.

    Oil was up..the market went up. Then oil went down and the market went up...

    so on and so forth since 2008 and continuing four score and seven years.......

    stay tuned for

    Exhibit A

    (whoops I have it right hear - sp?)
  7. Liar's Poker - one of the best trading books ever.
  8. ======================
    but some traders get experienced with probabilities.

    Wisdom is profitable to direct.If they really could predict, they would own all the earth & never pay a fine:D