Predict: Obsama brings his estranged brother home and makes him Secretary of State

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  1. I predict it


    don't laugh
  2. McCain will reach out to Obama's brother - offering to adopt him. This time he will be the one who surprises Cindy, the sincere soft-hearted coot that he is...


    Just hope Obama's brother doesn't see the tazer that McCain is hiding under his jacket, coz he really wants that boy.
    Centre mantle piece for sure, and Cheney knows just the right taxidermist for the job...
  3. hughb


    How different will life become for someone who has been dwelling anonymously in a third world slum to suddenly be the brother of the President of the USA?
  4. sho-tim


    His brudder George be libin in a thatch hut in Kenya in shantytown with two secret service agents standing guard outside...talkin into der mics....watchin for spicious activity in da place where everyting be spicious.
  5. I feel some sympathy for Barrack. I'm not sure what he is supposed to do in this situation. He has a lot of other relatives in Kenya. Don't forget, his father abandoned several other women in addition to Barrack's 18 year old mother.
  6. The solution to this issue really was but one check away. I have several associates who do this for their African realitives. There are also several south side Chicago churches that have funded several projects in the regions also.

    T. D. Jakes (Potter's House) has done some things like this also. This is where I attend when I'm in Dallas. :)
  7. Frankly , I'm very impressed with the bro's fashion statement
  8. sho-tim


    "according to a national poll held in 2006, 92% of Canadian males under the age of 25 are considered unattractive. In another poll held that same year it said that 87% of all Canadian females under the age of 25 were also considered to be unattractive."

    :p :D :p
  9. Clearly, you have not read the book I noted and, quite possibly, any other book either, ever.
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