Predators don't have to eat every day, nor catch every lamb they see...

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  1. And so should you.

    If you can't think and act like a tiger, then you are the lamb,
    and lambs get slaughtered.
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    And that way we can all be really happy?
  3. great post.

    a lot of people have difficulty understanding that they can't force a market to give them the opportunities, so they lose objectivity and go on making trades that they eventually kick theirselves for having taken them.

    trading is a patience game among other things.
  4. Try joining him in a cage, then you'll see where you are in the food chain..
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    Excellent post !

    Be as patient as a lion stalking in the grass, wait for the fattest deer to walk right in front of you.

    Then be fast and furious with no hesitation.
  6. no man, you as a trader are the tiger.

    the industry itself is the human.
  7. with all regulations, when you trade stocks, futures it's the zoo for you.

    we who trade OTC and unregulated spot markets are in the jungle...
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  9. hah :)

    i'll go mate a bit ... schhhhhh! :d
  10. I actually saw that movie.

    The predator ate Every day!
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