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    It's been quite sometime since I've had some spare time to twitter on posts, but I figure I'll start to keep myself busy... At least I'll have a place to keep some of my recollections, while I'm transitioning.

    Hmmm...Well I'll say a few things before I begin. One...this will be about trading in the next few paragraphs or so... and two... I may ask for someone to respond or ask a favor in order to keep things progressive. Although, of course, I'm certain I'll subject myself to some of the rants and raves of far less eloquent speakers:p...and three... If you're reading this, understand that I'm very good at grammar and spelling, but I'm not going to work too hard at it ,because I'm very anal. So, a page or two, would take me forever to write, and I simply don't want to worry or care about trivialties... Oh...and it may take me a little bit to remember some of the simple html stuff.


    Wait... I'll finish a little later, going to take my fiance to lunch.
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    Looks like ET had me waiting to be approved before I could finish writing some yesterday... Well, anyhow, here's a brief synopsis...

    I was one of those kids back in high school that was bright, I was going to college, instead of high school, my last two years, through the Post Secondary program. I played sports, was pretty popular, etc... Most importantly though, I got involved with the internet early on... So spamming, when it was legal, was my forte. Particularly the internet porn stuff. Although I don't think anyone could blame me, considering how much money it was making... I remember everyone was wondering what I was doing because I only let my two cousins in on it. So, since most people just knew it was something to do with the computer, they thought I was some sort of hacker. Fortunately, it was as good as stealing... So I had the new mustang convertible when it came out...and soon enough I moved onto the bigger toys. By Senior Prom, I was able to drive my Carrera convertible there, and take my girlfriend back to my own condo.

    Needless to say, that isn't all that impressive, considering how many kids grow up rich... I, on the other hand, came from a middle class family from the midwest... So I was making Mom and Dad proud when I achieved my first conquest... Although, for me, after I got a taste of what money felt like, I was far from finished...

    Well... my activities on the internet, along with college, lead me to one thing or the other... And some point between me having enough money to invest in mutual funds and the like, that a good Financial Advisor would recommend.... Which I didn't care of having any interest in...And a VP of Refco calling me back, when I was searching for something new to advertise ... I became a broker first, an engineer second, and a Commodities Trader... Finally...

    I'll finish some more later....lunch with my fiance again.

    Afterthought: I've be introduced to a fund manager that scored over 10,000 pips in the forex market last year and several thousands the previous years before... with a real time, audited track record... I'll explain more later but just know this is going somwhere...I have a hard time believeing it myself, so I'd like to ask some favors.
  3. Am I the first to call shill? (FWIW I grabbed 10,061 pips... part time in 2008).
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    Hahaha... No Shill... Surprisingly, I've never heard that word before until now ...I'm beginning to remember why I use to like twittering on post...It's at least good stimulation for the mind...

    Well, I applaud your part time success last year....I just wonder how much your trading...All the same let me finish a few more paragraphs before the flames come in:p ...I'm having to type from my iPhone now

    A shill is an associate of a person selling goods or services or a political group, who pretends no association to the seller/group and assumes the air of an enthusiastic customer. The intention of the shill is, using crowd psychology, to encourage others unaware of the set-up to purchase said goods or services or support the political group's ideological claims. Shills are often employed by confidence artists. The term plant is also used. Shill bidding, found on many auction sites such as eBay is punishable by law [1] and may result in fines and or prosecution.
    Shilling is illegal in many circumstances and in many jurisdictions because of the frequently fraudulent and damaging character of their actions. However, if a shill does not place uninformed parties at a risk of loss, but merely generates "buzz", the shill's actions may be legal. For example, a person planted in an audience to laugh and applaud when appropriate
  5. Thanks for the reply PreCap, but how did you copy/paste all this text from Wikipedia on your iPhone? (I didn't think copy/paste was available until version 3)
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    Logmein ignition for iPhone... I was actually cutting and pasting from a windows server...good call back later
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    Hahaha....I looked at the first couple paragraphs a few times, and I'd have to say, it does sound like something leading into a sales pitch, not intentionally though...I don't even think I can help myself anymore... I haven't had a true, salary only job, in over ten years... Well, I'll continue with those thoughts in mind...Like I said, after the next few paragraphs, I promise this will be about trading.
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    Just got some more time to sit down and type again... I read some of that Mind Control 101 post out of the Psychology thread

    I only read the first few pages, but I was LMAOF after Rabbitone traded a few words out of a Taylorism article to display what might be thought of as Jack Hershey's ramblings... No offense of course to Jack Hershey... but I do remember trying to look at a few of these journals before, over the years, and I'd have to say some, of what were thought to be the better ones, would leave you asleep, at the computer screen, after a few pages. So I'll simplify my introduction a bit.

    Continuing on:

    If you read the first page you'd get a small synopsis of my background... I could ramble on about college years or other ventures I got into, that lead me to where I am today, but I might bore myself into not typing anymore if I thought I had to explain my life story... or keep punctuating or spelling things correctly etc.... Now is probably more important anyhow...

    Recently I moved out to the West Los Angeles area because I had some opportunities to work with the guy that got me involved in the business... He use to hold the title of V.P of intstitutional sales at three of the leading brokerage houses in the world, past and present, and he's been in the business for nearly 30 years. Even had a show on CNBC some years ago. He finally gave up those seats and started his own company... Ultimately he left because he had alot of institutional clients that were getting rediculous spreads because of this so called "credit crisis" mess... In reality I know he just told them to piss off when he couldn't get his clients what they wanted, and figured he'd move on so he didn't lose some of his real meal tickets. Although, keep in mind, I'm only explaining this because it leads into a bigger picture.

    Finish more to get something to eat
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    I myself

    Before coming to L.A. I had some thoughts I had been reflecting on. Mostly about how the last 10 years have gone.... I've had an extraordinary good run, with some high points, that some, will only fathom in life. When I got into the financial business and really understood how this thing works...meaning the objectives to goals thing. I never made so much money before in my life... Even had a point in time where I said I was retiring. Only after a few years of trading other people's money... I kept telling myself I was going to find something "better", that was less stressful, and do this part time instead. So I figured I was going to take my money and invest it in real estate. Vegas real estate to be exact.. I thought I'd keep up the net marketing stuff, flip houses/buildings, and trade part time... What a joke that turned out to be... Fortunately, I very literally got to watch the real estate market go south and was lucky enough to not get in... I had some friends in Vegas, that were investing in the presales of unbuilt condos, that were going up on the strip. I know for fact they're still waiting for the condos to be built and none of their investment was returned to them...3 years later. Probably never will be and one of them already lost their home.... I first knew something was going wrong with the real estate market when I had the head of a mortgage brokerage office coming to me seeking private investors to fund his sales... With a "gauranteed 10%" return a year. It wasn't odd that he came to me because I'm into Venture Capital as well but it was his desperation that made me run the other way... Besides, I didn't know anyone who only wanted to make 10% a year on their money. So.... moving on

    I, on the other hand, since I got to witness the housing market crash, stuck with the net marketing stuff. It still works very well if you know how to manage campaigns, but the ROI/conversion rate isn't what it use to be. With all this financial turmoil, people just aren't doing the same things they use to, and it leads to lesser sales. So, with that in mind, it lead me to only one belief...

    I was never going to find anything better than trading... I couldn't think of anything that offered immediate gratification and endless opportunities. Of course I'm sure there are some things out there... But what was important was what I could get up and do today, not a year from now... So I traded... and became a rock...So no one ever really knew that I was tired of at some point...except my stomach...

    As a bit of time passed and I witnessed this recent financial crisis, along with knowledge that people just simply had less money to invest now. I thought about it again...Although it came with a string of things...Two of my IB's, who introduce to other traders, took a hit on their credibility when this guy blew up 50 million of their money in a couple weeks, after not having a losing month in 2 years. I wouldn't have taken it so personally if I hadn't spent a year showing everyone I could make the same returns with none of the same risk involved. He didn't even start to go haywire until he found out the IB's were going to tell everyone to move to my program instead.... The list goes on...but I'll spare you the trivialties... Ultimately I started looking at other venues but still came to the same conclusion... Although, don't get me wrong, I enjoy this... It's just the B.S. that comes along with it that I don't... I even came to grips with the reality that I haven't had a job in over 10 years and I don't even know how to write a resume... When I think about it further, for all intensive purposes, you might say I've never worked a day in my adult life, that hasn't been for myself. So I don't believe I'm considered a canidate for much else if I didn't follow through with it anyhow.

    So I trade and therefore I am....

    Type some more in a bit
  10. Right so we see there is not precision coming as a consequence of the subcontracted inputs any of the MF's, HF's and F of F's are buying and operating (bots and algo's).

    Brain power isn't a resource apparently and the interface represented by this guy with 30 years of the same old is still stumped as to why all these outfits only make money with fees and commissions.

    Hey look at the loading on 401's, 50% of price change is soaked away by charges from the operators.
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