Precious metals to be money again.

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  1. World bank i mean of course.
  2. sheda


    World Bank Whistle-blower:....stoped reading right there, if im honest.
  3. I have seen rumours from other sources to.
    It does makes sense because it´s a solution that works if implemented globally like she says.

    We will see for sure.. :)
  4. That should be a major reason.

    "Because the system we have now is not transparent, and the biggest change [in the new system], is that there’s going to be transparency.”
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    government don't believe in transparency.
    US government is the perfect example.
    central banks all over the world don't believe in transparency.
    it's fool's gold that she is pursuing with her belief.
  6. They have no choice as far as i can see.
    Print more and more while interests climb or stabilize it.

    So the odds are likely very high it will happen.
  7. zdreg


    "They have no choice as far as i can see. "
    not true. you can let the currency collapse like argentina , brazil and others have done in the past.

    your logic is based on a false premise that they have no choice. most governments believing in devaluing their currencies to end their debt problems or to stimulate their economies. the fact that it doesn't work doesn't deter them until interest rates reach stratospheric heights.
    if euro broke in 2+ parts tomorrow those governments would not back their currencies with gold.. governments don't believe in real money only in fiat currency. do you understand why?
  8. Funny man
    Yes it´s very likely that they let their own currencies collapse....not :)
  9. zdreg


    it happens all the time somewhere in the world. your remark is not based upon facts .

    read an economic history of hyperinflation before making inaccurate statements.

    fyi the $UShas been declining since the depression. prices are up 10x because of the Fed. you should also read a monetary history of the US.
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