Prechter's case for a bear market...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chasinfla, Jun 10, 2002.

  1. The roaring 00s? Don't you mean the roaring 90s?
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  2. Contrarianism purely for its own sake can be deceptive imho.
    Kind of like a teenager who gets a nose ring because they claim to be a non-conformist, in reality they are being a reverse conformist, marching with the anti-crowd with slavish anti-devotion.

    If gurus and commentators were dead wrong they could be consistently faded, the problem is that their views generally have zero correlation w/reality so sometimes they are right, sometimes wrong- creating the statistical value of a coin flip for their yammering. Plus I hear that some big name analysts/commentators have been calling for a bottom lately which washes out the motley twins.

    Also have to wonder how many folks out there are thinking hmm, 'everyone else' is bearish, so i am being crafty by buying more Cisco and Intel here. Many wiseguy weak hands yet to be washed out methinks.
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  3. 3dog


    Say it ain't so!!! :eek:
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  4. spectre


    well said.
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  5. yeah...i guess so. it was actually 2000 though, the tail end of the roaring '90's.
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  6. I've never heard abbey or anybody from any investment bank say to sell anything. surely they would be fired. Much more profitable to lie to the public.
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  7. on the road to capitulation....
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  8. trdrmac


    Well, I helped the capitulation process after the close today. Changed routing methods from ARCA to SMART and accidently hit an after hours bid instead of just posting at the ask. When I heard the trade go off, my heart dropped.

    So the moral of the story is that was the final sale at those levels, time to rally.:) Also I was on the Munder Site and noticed they were pimping their Reit Fund. Time to start unloading the reits I suppose.
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  9. Babak


    lol...Munder is a fantastic entity to fade (remember their alternative energy fund ads?) But with interest rates stable for the foreseeable future I don't think you want to unload REITs just yet.
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  10. trdrmac


    Unload was a harsh word, last year they came out with a Healthcare Fund. I started selling when I saw that, and have not been disappointed.

    riets have been good, I had a friend put his house on the market and sold it in less than a week for full asking price. Similar things have happened to others I know. Personally, I have a nice lakefront apartment, and when my lease came up they offered me a $100 a month discount off my rent to renew. Didn't even have to ask.

    Things could run for a while, but no way am I going to make the same mistakes I made believing in tech, or bears lasting for 9 months for that matter.
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