Prechter says the even one trillion is not going to

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    save the Euro... trillion dollars is a pile of money, which is incomprehensible for almost anyone. but let me put it in perspective. Take a stack of $100 bill cover an entire football field and do that until its 11 feet high. That is what a trillion dollars is, and dont forget its $100 bills stacked.
  2. it is about 2K EUR per EU person.
  3. This is a self fulfilling prophecy, the psych out there is just too bad right now. We will keep spiralling downwards unless theres an epic world war to revive industry as a whole.

    this is how humanity renews itself time and time again throughout history
  4. Humanity renews itself? Time and time again? How many world wars have we had?

    So you're saying the options are a little economic hardship vs. world war, and you would rather world war?
  5. I would very much consider the napoleonic wars, the crimean war, the anshi rebellions all world wars and especially in this age of globalization, warfare will simply be more widespread and intense.

    There is no option we are already headed there,when resources are limited and reduced in great numbers and scores of humans are struggling to appropriate these scarce products for themselves, the end result is conflict. Human psychology never changes.
  6. Exponential growth is abhorrent in nature. It is abnormal and nature will always correct it.

    When a granary is infested with rodents, the rat population will go into a hockey stick like exponential chart until the grain is depleted. Once the grain is consumed there is a immediate crash in population with the large rats resorting to cannibalism.

    Take a malignant tumor. Eventually the tumor sucks up all the nutrients and resources and goes into exponential growth mode and kills off the host.

    The exponential growth in human population is worse than the rat infestation scenario because modern medicine keeps the diseased genetically inferior parts of the species propagating rapidly. Anywhere in the world, those who should not be having children, have the most kids.

    Major wars are natures method of population control. The mentally weak are the ones who do the most dying since they are easily persuaded to act as cannon fodder.


  7. funny how the Malthusians never volunteer themselves to alleviate their false problem, and somehow think of themselves as intellectual Superior to poor people. Narcissism and Sociopathic at it's finest
  8. of course i dont want a war and dont want to die but who knows where the trigger will be, just one catalyst like in WW I will do the trick
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