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Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by gpudi, Mar 9, 2012.

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    Hi guys i wanted to start a thread where we could share ideas and updates on the precious metal markets, from from gold to palladium and everything in between.

    so i went long gold anticipating a move up once greece gets its debt deal finished off. I believe that the hedge funds holding out on the debt swap agreement may be a thorn in the deals side, but still manageable. My view is that the IMF or the ECB will pay them off if they persist. Gold has not been performing as a safe haven recently and has been fluctuating with the struggles of greece.

    This is a 1-2 day trade and my longer term view is that gold will move lower as QE is not likely to occur and as the Japanese are being put under pressure to weaken their currency against the dollar. As the correlations in gold have been weakening those who want to play the move should probably buy USD/JPY along with Gold to fully take advantages of this oppurtunity.

    Please reply. And remember this is my own opinion and am by no means a professional analyst or trader. Simply a market enthusiast who wishes to communicate his ideas with others.
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    Long story short-bearish on SLV, silver, most all time frames.

    Longest silver trends are bullish:cool: