Preakness 129

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  1. few punters here on ET, so this'll be a unlively thread

    but, here are my thoughts on upcoming race Sat, by pp

    1 Lion Heart (Tale of the Cat) Patrick Biancone Mike Smith 3-1 == will go directly to the lead and attempt to wire the race-- will win OR not hit the board

    2 Borrego (El Prado [Ire]) Beau Greely Victor Espinoza 15-1 == will be all out down the stretch, but most likely will not hit the board, but if he does, shows at best

    3 Little Matth Man (Matty G) Martin Ciresa Richard Migliore 50-1 == Mig should take off the mount to keep from being embarrassed too badly

    4 The Cliff's Edge (Gulch) Nick Zito Shane Sellers 8-1 == IF HE RUNS will be one of the three best

    5 Song of the Sword (Unbridled's Song) Jennifer Pedersen Jorge Chavez 30-1 == erratic enough to get in the way, no way to win

    6 Sir Shackleton (Miswaki) Nick Zito Rafael Bejerano 30-1 == Nick will use Shak to keep Smarty wide longer than is good for the number7, and then will push Lionheart around the second turn

    7 Smarty Jones (Elusive Quality) John Servis Stewart Elliott 8-5 == not today

    8 Imperialism (Langfuhr) Kristin Mulhall Kent Desormeaux 5-1 == totally dependent upon a great ride from Kent to have a chance, will be storming around the final turn

    9 Eddington (Unbridled) Mark Hennig Jerry Bailey 8-1 == with Bailey up he can hit the bottom of the board, but that is all

    10 Rock Hard Ten (Kris S.) Michael Orman Gary Stevens 6-1 == needs some race hardening but CAN win today

    11 Water Cannon (Waquoit) Linda Albert Ryan Fogelsonger 30-1 == too slow, but his best could remotely put him on the bottom of a tri or super
  2. Zito has declared TCE from the race

    as he was scheduled to start from the four(4) hole, all horses outside of him will be moved in one position

    leaves ten(10) ponies running Saturday afternoon
  3. Maverick74


    Go Smarty Jones! This sport needs another Triple Crown winner.
  4. Maverick74


    Wow! Wasn't even close. Smarty Jones is a freaking machine. That horse has some power. Shit! Gentleman, I think we might have a Triple Crown this year.