Pre-Workout Supplement?

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    Any suggestions for a before-workout supplement? I read that beta-alanine and taurine are good. I'm looking for a supplement with both of these ingredients, and preferably not loaded with other things like caffeine, etc.
  2. D-bol :D
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    This is the one I'm currently using:

    I know it doesn't technically say "preworkout" on the label but it's what I use because it's basically the same ingredients as a lot of preworkout powders but without any stimulants at all.
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  4. You're asking for a conundrum -- you want to be stimulated, but not stimulated.

    As always, make sure you are thoroughly hydrated -- don't wait till you're thirsty to drink.

    Drink a milk whey protein shake or meal replacement drink about an hour and a half before working out, you should feel fine and strong and energized for that pump.

    Or drink some orange juice with a serving scoop of creatine in it, and eat a roll of bread. Creatine intake and carbs compliment each other, you need that glucose transport.

    The above are all fine as preworkout supplements. -- what you don't want to do is eat a whole hardfood meal...that takes time to digest.
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    Thanks for input. I ordered a couple tubs of this stimulant-free pre-workout supplement as it contains what I wanted (beta-alanine, creatine, taurine) without any caffeine. Good for early evening workouts where caffeine might affect sleep. This brand got good ratings by Labdoor, but unfortunately was not reviewed by ConsumerLab.

    I'll post back in 6 weeks to let you know how it worked for me.
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    Sounds good. There's a love/hate relationship with most preworkout powders so you'll probably know within the first week or two whether you like it or not.
  7. Trader13


    I've been using this preworkout powder only a couple weeks, but long enough to provide some initial feedback. First, the company that makes it seems very professional. They have answered questions I sent them quickly and honestly.

    Regarding the product itself, I mix it with warm water 30 - 45 mins before workout. The warm water helps the powder dissolve quickly. But it tastes horrible. Too sweet, and you can only dilute it so much before you can't drink any more. Part of the bad taste might be the ingredients themselves, not the sweetener. In any case, I just tell myself that it tastes bad like strong medicine and drink it down.

    It does seem to help keep my energy up during workout. But not a lot, it doesn't contain any of the common stimulants like caffeine, but enough to keep me going during my evening workouts. I can feel the tingle in my body of the Beta-Alanine. I freaked out the first time I felt this, but then read it's a normal response to this supplement. You know what I mean if you've taken it yourself.

    The biggest benefit I've noticed is not during my workout, but in the days following my workout. One or more of the ingredients of this powder prevents the muscle stiffness and soreness that I normally feel. This benefit alone makes it worthwhile.

    Hope this helps someone else.
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    So considering the unpleasant taste, are you going to buy it again or try something else?
  9. Trader13


    I have a couple months of product left, so I won't be making a reorder decision right away. I'll look for another no-stim product with same ingredients. But I'm developing a tolerance for the bad taste and can live with it. Just another part of the no-pain, no-gain principle.
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    Lol. Now waiting for someone to post the whole preworkout insuline procedure. Trendy but risky.
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