pre-war market movement

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  1. in next 2 weeks, before the bombing intensifies, the market will move which way?
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  6. it's from that book, the one you read in high school.

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  7. I think the S&P can rise to 900 fairly soon (next 3 weeks). I was hoping to get intellectual feedback. Anyone up to it?
  8. dis


  9. The market is following the blue path on my weekly and monthly charts: he is consolidating a long term bearish trend. The blue path projects higher price so I am BULLISH for SHORT TERM (see the circles). At LONG TERM things remain VERY BEARISH (see the pentagon):

    More details on the number when I have time later on.

    <IMG SRC=>

  10. so you see a scenario which elevates the S&P to 900 in the short term?

    I do.
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