Pre trading, pre announcement?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by alberta01, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. curious if anyone else has come across something like this before, or has a present theory, on what i'm seeing come across the tape.

    it is in regards to trading equities, cdn equities (fairly liquid, averages about 5mm/day traded between dual listings)

    what i have noticed is someone is using what appears to be an automated service to purchase small lots, (100 shares per order), to accumulate 15,000 shares on a below average volume day - 150 trades for that position is ridiculous. also, the position bid price floats with movements in bid depth

    why use this service or strategy to trade this position (accumulate)? imo, this would not classify as stealth trading.

    anyone come across something like this?

    feel free to inbox me. thanks
  2. more info,

    transaction prices 1.15-1.22 (range)

    also, an end of day cross for half of the days trading volume, (upstairs market transaction), to close the session

    any thoughts?