Pre & Post Market Trading

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by tenfly, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. tenfly


    So for the first time in my short lived trading career, I'm going to have the ability to trade pre & post market. Does anyone have any tips/suggestions/strategies for trading in this time frame?

  2. abogdan


    Try nasdaq heat maps for premarket. I sometimes take the opposite trade on the highest gainers (losers) for the quick scoop.
  3. Who provides the best afterhours data (Time & Sales and Level II (ECN books))?

    Opinions anyone?
  4. Yes. Dont do it.
  5. Dustin


    Just remember that error fills on ecn's don't get reversed in pre/post market so double and triple check your prices before sending.
  6. Afterhours market are inefficient, and sould not be traded,
    unless you know how it works.

    As an example, I remeber i wanted to sell 500shares of
    QQQ after hours, when i saw 1 million shares bought, but
    my 500shares still remaining there, isn't this crazy:confused:
  7. MRWSM


    Everytime I sell before or after hours I find I could have gotten a better price at the open.
  8. sprstpd


    If only this were true...
  9. I agree with easyrider and dustin. On occasion when my profit objective has been met and the spread not too much, I have exited pre or post market. Most of the time I would have been better off being patient and handling during normal hours. The most recent example was buying MCD right after the mad cow news came out. It was well off after hours but was even lower at the open the next day.
  10. Dustin


    Can you expand? I've never had to try, but that's what I had always heard.
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