Pre Open (pit) ES Setups

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by pmcrespo, Jun 19, 2006.

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    Does anyone trade ES with setups before the regular session starts at 9:30 est?

    Just getting started trying to develop a strategy to allow entry and exit between 6:30 and 9:30 am est., or that takes off the European session (first half) for direction of the Globex traded ES into the US open.

    The news releases around 8:30 I know is an issue with the increased volatility in those instances. How about earlier timeframes such as 5:30 to 8:30 for example.

    Not looking for freebies, just making sure this has not been tested and re-tested to not work, and I don't know it. New at ET forums and don't know if this has been discussed in prior threads. If it has, can you point me in the right direction?

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    You can run a search for anything you're wondering about to see if it's been discussed before. Search link is in upper right hand corner. Not sure about the answer to your question other than my own observations that the "Pre" market is lightly traded and also you only really know how anything trades by observation. The old standby and one of the most important factors IMHO. Amazing how many traders just don't do that. Good luck to you. Welcome to ET. :)
  3. If you want to look at something interesting look at ER2 today(6-19-06) from 7:45-8:20(cst). House 250 was selling at the price 700.00. They ended up selling around 1000-2000 at that price level. This is huge volume for premarket in ER2 when there are no 7:30(cst) numbers. If you look at a chart you will see that this selling had a big impact on the trading day.!&o=&a=V:5&z=800x550&d=HIGH&b=bar&st=
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    Thanks BCE. I was wondering where that search button was... Like you say, observation... need to do more of that!

    I will continue doing so... between the liquidity and pre open news it appears difficult to apply standard std indicators and technical parameters...

    Glad to be here!
  5. good place to start and even to specialize in it, ranges are very predictable and if u stalk the pre-mkt for quite some time u might be able to squeeze a point or so every day. stocks are good as well in premkt, lots of predictable straight line movements on earnings related issues.

    have fun
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    I definitely see it. The 12 minutes heading into the open. I guess key is to correlate these kind of moves to the ER itself after open or even the other main stream markets/ES...

    Thanks Bitstream. I will continue the quest. I am concentrating on volume, spread, the associated trendlines and overbought/sold indications. I am even looking at the USD trend in the same timeframes.
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    Wow. I've always wanted to squeeze the market. How much size do you need to sqeeze the ER2? I don't trade it yet but will probably have an initial 50 lot limit.

  8. what is this, a joke[?]
  9. mauzj


    Well, you said

    u might be able to squeeze a point or so every day

    I was hoping you could elaborate on what squeezing strategies you use.
  10. i implied to take a profit and was referrin' to es not er2. spread on er2 in premkt is atrocious, r/r is just not there to make it worth a trade imo.
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