Pre Market Trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by RisingTide, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. What are the best pre market stocks to trade?

  2. Get a good pre - market filter for action.

    Or you can trade ADRs if you have a good feed for their counterparts.
  3. Pauly


    Best premarket are the widely helds, i.e. QQQQ or AMZN or DELL because only the largest stocks have predictable premarket action. You might consider instead of trading specific stocks, just a general "moved in premarket" screen that would change what you were trading daily.
  4. Check pre-market movers. Copy that list into your 'hotlist' and look for opportunities.
  5. sg20


    I think it's the stock that's ready for breakout, it's tricky to spot, most of the time when you saw it it's already too late but for some you might be able to identify and jump in before or after the move.
  6. too volatile. im only in when i get trigger happy, or use smaller size. if you want to trade pre, try researching opening orders,, that will keep you busy, and may turn out profitable, good R/R ratio on them so i have seen and read and heard. but maybe you have more knowledge than myself and you giver. just stay away from news pre as things can go crazy obviously,, never know what the market wants to truly do with those ones till after open.