Pre-Market Trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Sol, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Sol


    I've recently become interested in trading pre-market and as I have never done it before, I was wondering if anyone has any lessons or experiences or major do's and don'ts to share with a newbie who is just starting out.

    I've been looking at some charts in eSignal in a 24hr time frame and am seeing trades occuring really early in the morning. My current broker only seems to start pre-market at 7am. What's the reason for this. Who is able to trade in the early early morning--for example AAPL was trading at 3:15 am a few days ago according to the eSignal chart.

    Also, if pre-market were to be the focus of one's trading, which brokerage would be better--TradeStation or Interactive Brokers?

  2. If you like very wide spreads, go for it.
  3. never trade pre-market or after hours unless you know what you are doing. you can really take a beating.i've seen more traders blow up trading extended hours than any other stradegy next to buying the open on a gap up.