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  1. The cable company where I live dropped MSNBC. I used to use the channel as a gauge of market sentiment. Although a lot of it was drivel, the things they were talking about had an impact because their audience is so large and they would summarize what was happening and concerns and expectations of the market.

    Any suggestions of an favorite internet source to judge broad market sentiment, particularly premarket sentiment? I trade Nas techs and like to make my trades relative to the general mood of the day.

    Usually once the market opens things jump around so much I lose sight of the big picture.

    Thanks for your insights.
  2. As far as I know you can watch bloomberg tv on the internet. It can't be much worse than msnbc.
  3. well, as fas as what people think, I suppose CNN or one of those Good Morning America shows.

    Bloomberg has very good talks with guys in the pits. Not sure what they'll do when the guys in the pits finally realize that while the Chicago Boys Club is shouting and yelling, the rest of us hard working Americans and other world citizens are listening to music, eating cereal, and turning on the sound now and then to see if we agree with the pit traders.

    But until they figure out what a hole in the ground is, it is a step removed from what people think, but gives you a feeling what somebody right there thinks somebody else is thinking.

    If you don't have msnbc, I doubt you will have Bloomberg. With the exception of Maria on CNBC, Bloomberg has the nicest chicks. Especially in Germany and Asia.
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    The site Traders-talk has a daily sentiment (Fearless Forecasters).

    The poll starts after the market closes and finishes before the next days' open.

    This is the oldest running daily sentiment poll and the poll is limited to the next trading session.

    Sometimes the sentiment shifts markedly between the PM and AM.
  5. I try to judge sentiment from but its not too effective. Any other suggestions?
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    this one have pre-market heat map tell you where which sector heating up and other pre-market activies