Pre-Market Options Trading?

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  1. I don't get any time and sales, but I see an active market depth in some options pre-market. When does the trading actually begin?
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    No option may open until the stock starts trading on the primary exchange after 9:30am ET. So you are just seeing pre-market interest from market makers on some exchanges for the open.
  3. Thanks. What does pre-market interest actually mean since no trades can take place?
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    Those are closing quotes except in those options that trade until 4:15 like SPX. Equity options stop when the market closes. Basically, the OCC says options can't trade unless the underlying is open. So, even if a stock stops trading, the options must stop.

  5. Well, that is the thing... The quotes are changing in the pre-market and are different than the closing quotes. (But no time and sales).
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    Yes, the pre-market quotes change as pre-market underlying prices change. These are just indications of interest and no one is trading at this time. That's why there are no time and sales on options outside regular trading hours.
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  10. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.
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