Pre-market futures

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wwatson1, Feb 8, 2002.

  1. Does anyone know a site I can get real-time or delayed pre-market quotes of the Nasdaq and Dow futures apart from cnbc.

  2. wwatson-
    almost every quote/data provider can supply them for you.
    they used to be available at on a delayed basis, but I don't know if they still provide them
  3. You have to register to get them, i just wanted a quick quote:(
  4. you don't have to register for 10minute delayed quotes...just click on quotes, then 10minute intraday....bam!:D
  5. wild


    there is no "pre-market" futures trading as such ... the index futures markets are traded independently (almost) around the clock. real volume only appears when NYSE & NASDAQ open though:

    NQ & ES are CME e-minis -

    DJ is a CBOT - a/c/e product -