Pre-market: earliest time to place orders...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Option Trader, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Is the earliest time 8:00 Eastern? Is there anyway for a trader using an American broker to place orders before?
  2. spindr0


    Yes, you can place orders before 8 AM EST if your broker offers it and has routing to ECNs showing quotes. Keep in mind that unless there's news, that early in the day most stocks trade by appointment (very low liquidity) with wide spreads.
  3. If I am using IB, what time, and what ECN?

    (Stock to trade as early as possible: WHI)
  4. NoDoji


    I'm pretty sure Fidelity allows pre-market trading at 7:30am ET.
  5. spindr0


    Dya think that contacting IB might give you the answers?

    If you open an order ticket and click destination, it wiill list available ECNs. I can''t tell you how early they trade since I don't log in until 7 AM.
  6. I believe Arca opens at 4AM
    I placed an order last week around 6:10AM