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  1. Doe's anyone know which data providers provide pre market data? Either historically or end of trading.
  2. Chuck_T

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    eSignal has both pre & post market trades, these are called Form Trades. You can graph them on charts along with the regular day trading. We also have a special display field called "Last Price + Form Ts". And, you can view them on the time and Sales display. I like to put the last price and this field both on the quote sheet to watch stocks on the day of their earnings. Amazing amount of post market trading on those days.

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    Not sure if this helps, but RediPlus provides Pre-Market Indicators showing the bids and offers that the specialists are putting up on listed stocks before the market opens.
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    Do you know which data feed provides premarket, and after hours data (T&S, and chart) for listed stocks? I'm with myTrack currently, and I can see the transactions after hours on Nasdaq stocks, but not listed (NYSE), or AMEX. Thanx in advance.