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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by riskreward, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. Anybody know of any charting package that does pre-market charting?
  2. Toonces


    Lots of 'em...Real Tick, Tradestation, eSignal, Tracktrade are the ones I know of. Are you willing to pay?
  3. I've got AT tick charts. I was hoping not to pay up too much since I only need it for an hour or so and not all the time. But if I have to, yeah, I'll pay up.
  4. Toonces


    eSignal would be the cheapest. If you do go with them, make sure you get the package that has advanced charting. I believe their eSignal Basic platform (which is cheaper) has charting that is very limited, and doesn't include pre/postmarket data. I think it's eSignal Equities that has the advanced charting with pre/postmarket data.
  5. Lancer


    riskreward, forget RealTick. It will chart e-minis in pre/post, but if you want to chart equities, you sure won't like it, and they won't fix it. eSignal is the choice, no question.
  6. I use the E-sig/Investor RT combo

    Michael B.
  7. QuoteTracker supports premarket charting with many datafeeds including IQFeed, DATEK/Ameritrade (NASDAQ Only),, CyberTrader and many others.

    And would be hard to beat the price - the software is free. Datafeeds are either free (if brokerage) or all under $25 with exchange fees (unless you go for futures)