Pre-indications of the open + ECN's and listed NYSE and AMEX stocks

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock_punter, Sep 16, 2001.

  1. Hi All,

    What I'm looking to assess are the pre-market indications for the open of listed NYSE and AMEX stocks.

    I thought looking at pre-market trading on ECN's would be helpful, but I've noticed that it appears as if NYSE listed stocks sometimes aren't active/traded on various ECNs.

    Which ECN's are active in listed NYSE and AMEX stocks?

    Any other ways of assessing how a stock will open?


    -- Punter
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    Which ECN's are active in listed NYSE and AMEX stocks?

    ECN's generally trade the most liquid of the listed stocks (AOL, IBM, QQQ, etc.) whether their exchange is NYSE or AMEX. The overwhelming bulk of stocks traded on ECN's are Nasdaq.

    For the most part, for pre-market heads-up on listed stocks you are SOL. Best to check the news and upgrades/downgrades.
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    Almost all premarket activity for NYSE stocks occur on instinet, with a few trades on redibook and island. The QQQs are an exception and has significant liquidity on island as well.