Pre-built trading computers?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jasrlew, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. jasrlew


    Are there any pre-built machines that are designed specifically for trading? With multi-monitor cards installed, etc?
  2. jay567


    what exactly is a trading computer and how does it differ from a normal computer?
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  4. jay567


    so what's the difference? all i see is a multi-monitor card and some lcd monitors.
  5. jasrlew


    I was curious to see if some genius knew exactly what it took to maximize the effectiveness of a computer used exclusivley for trading so I won't have to bother anyone on this forum asking if they think 512 MB RAMM is too much or too little and having to dink around with monitor cards, etc.
  6. gnome


    "Trading computers" are usually waaayyy overpriced. Any P4 class machine with enough PCI slots for your video cards and 512-1G RAM running on win2000 or XP will be just fine (I'm am a Win2000 snob, prefering it to XP for my trader.)
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  8. complex


    all these trading computers are quite overpriced. they offer the 191t for 699?!? newegg offers it for 659. the ram is 45 per 256mb while you can get it from crucial for 36.

    if every part of the computer is marked up (even over retail prices!) then you can imagine how much they're making.

    jasrlew, the person who knows what you need is you. if you run only tradestation and like 2 web brwoser windows, its gonna be a lot different from someone who runs multiple instances of hammer and esignal and streaming audio and 10 web browsers.

    look, i'll offer anyone in the NJ/NYC area my services for free, in exchange for a good recommendation. i'll build you a computer, at cost. i'll charge for in-person support, phone support for free. pm or email me,

  9. I agree with the overpriced hardware piece. I offer my services in the Chicagoland area but I'm not quite as cheap. I 'll do it for cost plus $50 for my time, system tweaking and computer advice. :)