Pre- and aftermarket charts - the life after Qcharts

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lojze, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. lojze


    Now, as Qcharts has for the sixth day problems with delivering pre- and aftermarket charts - who else is good and not expensive?

  2. I finally pulled the plug.

    Q-charts is so close to being a great program/datafeed it's disgusting.

    I am too frustrated to put up with it anymore.
  3. If you guys bothered to call Qcharts and ask them they could tell you what's going on. It's not Qcharts, it's their data feed from Comstock that's screwed up. Apparantly something to do with getting ready for the roll out of super montage. Should be corrected anytime. I had no problem with premarket data as of this morning.
  4. Eldredge


    I switched to eSignal when QQL closed, and they don't offer after/pre market charts either. In fact, they don't even offer good quotes on NYSE stocks when the market is closed. I would sure like to have good quotes and charts pre/post market too.
  5. rs7


    Perhaps I am just misinterpreting what is being discussed here. Are you guys talking about having charts available to you after the markets are closed? Or are you talking about actually charting pre and post market trades?

    If the later, then I really don't see any value (other than globex) to after hour charts. Time and sales should be more than adequate. What purpose does a chart serve for something that is trading after hours? Seems to me that just watching an issue trade should give you the "feel" you need. Any dramatic action in the after market is virtually always news related. I would think that you would be so much more concerned with a good news feed and dependable T&S reporting if you wish to participate in those kinds of trades. Seems to me that a chart has very little value after hours. I have reuters/quotron charts. They stop at 4 eastern. It never occured to me that I was missing something when they stopped. And I certainly have traded plenty both pre and post market hours.

    A bad price on an ECN stands during non market hours. So if one trader gets a bad fill, then any averages would be skewed and meaningless in a chart for that time. I just don't understand the value.

    If you can explain, I am always willing to learn something new.

  6. GeeTO69


    Is data usually timely & accurate during market hours? thanks!
  7. I had the same problem on Lycos Livecharts. It really messed up the charts because a four point ES move looks like a little bump these days if you are forced to include yesterdays close instead of the mornings premarket.

    Anyway I started eSignal and I'll try PCQuote when they separate out their GLBOBEX charge later this month.
  8. Eldredge


    The charts aren't a real big deal to me, but they are helpful. I trade pairs, and a quick glance at a chart as I am passing the computer after hours can let me see if something is happening in one of my pairs. The real problem for me is the lack of good quotes to feed my spreadsheet that tracks my pairs. Without this, I have to resort to manual calculation.
  9. GeeTO69


    is QCHARTS any good? did they fix it? does it work? thanks
  10. Hi

    Theres a new data service just starting out called tradeoptimizer. This company is looking for beta testers. If you tell them what u want maybe they'll include it. Their located at I posted about this company a few weeks ago and but it didnt catch on.

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