Prayer works. city prayed and a tornado missed them

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  1. oops:

    The city of Miami, Oklahoma (no, not Florida) says it activated its "Emergency 911 prayer group" to battle the evil tornadoes earlier this week:

    On Monday, when it appeared that Mother Nature would unleash nasty weather, city officials in Miami turned to a heavenly ally.
    They called on the city's Emergency 911 prayer group for divine intervention.

    That group was activated at 8:35 a.m., when city officials learned that the town faced a good chance of being hit by a severe thunderstorm -- and possibly worse -- Monday night.

    And it worked! Instead of hitting Miami, the tornadoes hit Tecumseh and Choctaw. And killed five people. And injured dozens more. Hallelujah!

    ''We don't pray for it to hit anybody else," said Glenna Longan, Miami's emergency management coordinator. "We just want it to dissipate so nobody is hurt."
    Oops. Maybe you should be a bit more specific? Or pick a god with better aim?

    Longan said: "You need to always be prepared in both the secular and spiritual sense. You don't know what will happen. The people in this group think God's got to do something because he's on the line now."
    But they don't really believe that God's on the line now. If they did, they'd blame God for killing those five people. And they don't.

    Longan said nine churches in Miami and one in Afton are participating in the prayer group. Several denominations are represented.
    She said the prayer group's efforts appear to be working in that Miami has not been hit by a severe storm since the group's inception.

    Yay, God's killing other people instead of us! Praise the lord! Of course, there's more severe weather on the way for Oklahoma. Wanna bet on whether they'll admit it's not working if they get hit by a tornado next week? Yeah, I wouldn't bet on that either. They won't.