Prayer to Hitler

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  1. The thing about this prayer is that every part of it is absolutely true.

    Prayer to Hitler
    In Nazism, Adolf Hitler was occasionally compared with Jesus, or revered as a savior sent by God.

    Führer, mein Führer, von Gott mir gegeben, beschütz und erhalte noch lange mein Leben
    Du hast Deutschland errettet aus tiefster Not, Dir verdank ich mein täglich Brot
    Führer, mein Führer, mein Glaube, mein Licht
    Führer mein Führer, verlasse mich nicht

    This translates roughly as:

    Leader, my Leader, given to me by God, protect me and sustain my life for a long time
    you have rescued Germany out of deepest misery, to you I owe my daily bread
    Leader, my Leader, my belief, my light
    Leader my Leader, do not abandon me

    The same might apply to Republicans(Bush), but to a far, far lesser extent.
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    got any quotes about Stalin, Chavez, or Mao??? .... it's a toss up for the award for the person I'd most like to kick the teeth out of their heads.

    putrid fucking people ... all of you. disgusting opportunists.
  3. What a crock.

    Republicans, like the Germans I guess you could say, were poor judges of character. But once Bush's character flaws were revealed in his policy, I think the Republicans have displayed good American common sense in their skepticism and search for a new leader. You can't have a 25% approval rating without about half of Republicans abandoning you. Even the 25% are holding their nose to some extent.

    And of course it goes without saying that Bush's character flaws are minor compared with the likes of Hitler.

    If anyone has taken the presidential cult of character to the point of religion, I think it is the Democrats with Bill Clinton. Of course he was actually a good president so maybe that's an excuse.

  4. How can it be true, or not true. There is no statement made here, only revery.

    If anything, it is a lie, since Hitler knowingly led his people to the ultimate destruction. He was a bad leader.

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    Hmmm Have you ever seen Bush give a speech or a debate?
    He reminds me of a frat boy that has no clue about what he is talking about.

    If it took 7 years for people to finally see Bush's character flaws and his poor policys. I'm really not sure what to say.

    The sad thing is many democrats voted for Bush's biggest foreign policy mistake also ... the iraq war. At the time many people voted for the war because "They want to support the president and when it was obviously not working - people used the excuse or finger pointing you arnt 'supporting the troops' if you want to bring them home.

    We will never know the consequence of this war to the american people. Many after effects arnt known till after the war.
    From the dead, to the people coming home with missing limbs, to the post-tramatic stress disorders, to the numerous 'vaccines' that the soldiers are forced to recieve, to the children growing up without a mother or father.
    Let alone to the huge loss to our economy funneling this war effort and to the major political back-fire around the world. And people wonder why Iran is in such a hurry to build nukes now.
    When Iran has nukes you can thank Bush and his cronies.
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    Hitler, was the greatest thinker of all times, Who gave Freedom to all Asians, Jews and Africans. We all Adore him
  7. I have so-called "religious" friends, who voted for Bush and still they have their heads in the sand. Like Hitler, Bush thinks he is a great leader, anointed by God to do great things and of course everything he touches turns to shit.
  8. "Bush thinks he is a great leader, anointed by God"

    Frankly, this is a good thing. If Americans believe this, then maybe the Islam extremists do also.
  9. Typical moonbat prattle.

    Your statement disregards Iran's actions and ideology of the past 30 + years.

    What, you think Iran was a peace-loving nation until we invaded Iraq?

    Wake up and move out of Berkeley....
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    ... not from berkeley ...
    But I get the point.

    My point being which many people agree on. Whats the only way to stop the US from invading your country? And if you do have religious fundamentalists in the county whats another way to gather a great amount of respect from other nations and people? Also whats the biggest threat to Israel ...
    And then you throw in the fact that the US invaded your next door neighbor ... How fast would you try to develope a nuke?

    Imagine if china invaded mexico; how much money we would funnel into the military.

    No I dont think iran was peace loving. But I do think that the iraq war actually has caused many things that bush supposedly was trying to stop.
    1. It is now proven to cause more terrorism toward western nations.
    2. Its created more instability in the region
    3. More people hate the US now.
    4. Iran and North korea are or did steam roll their nuke programs.
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